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Long term health begins with a healthy body, a healthy mind, and, a right attitude.

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Devil’s Den

About a week ago, I hiked the trails of Devil’s Den in Weston, CT.  It is a quiet and remote park away from roads and noise. I usually walk early in the morning, and today was not an exception. I was walking by 6:30 AM this morning and hoping to finish before the 9:00 AM […]

A Friend’s Wake

Two weeks ago, I attended the wake of my friend and fellow board member, Al. Seeing his casket and the solemn quiet in the chapel, I wondered at the meaning of life and all its trappings. The occasion was somber and the family was grieving. They received all his friends at a separate room, where […]

Making A Difference

How to make a difference in your community Start by volunteering at the local public charities and nonprofits in your spare time. To make this a lifelong commitment, make a list of the things you like to do and the organizations that provide those services in your community. Once the list is finished, review and pick […]

Are You Ready?

Whether you are 18 or 50, you need to prepare for an eventual retirement life. I call it the third stage. The first stage is from birth to 18 years old – the growing up years. The second stage is your adult life – you marry, you have a family, you work, you contribute to […]

Immigration Problem

Immigration is such a broad topic that more than one blog is needed to address it. Immigration and the reform of it are both a political and a social issue. Political because all the candidates, in both parties, are using it for their own purposes. It is a social issue because we have about 12-15M […]

My Little Schoolhouse

During the 1960′s, I lived in a small town called Puerto Ayora, in the island of Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz is part of the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador, South America). It was Darwin that gave the islands their fame. It was here that Darwin understood his theories about evolution & the survival of the species.

Sources of Income

If you are in the 99% of people who have not saved enough for retirement, you need to keep a part-time job during retirement. Most people need to keep engaged to remain young and healthy. Most boomers also need to have a job to ensure enough income comes in to take care of the bills. […]

Book Covers

How important are book covers in getting you to read a book?I find that having sleek book covers are very important in getting me to read a book. It has to have a good description of the plot, the main characters, great pictures and good reviews. I believe that is the hook to get me […]

Retirement Income

Monthly cash in your bank account for your retirement income When you are planning for retirement, it is a good idea to plan how your monthly checks will be deposited to your checking account for paying your monthly expenses. These days, when technology is readily available you can use it to access your brokerage and bank […]


What changes do you need to make to your lifestyle to remain healthy in your 60’s & beyond. Now that you’re older and finished with raising kids together with the requisite house in the suburbs, 2 cars, a dog, a cat and assorted pets, you need to stop and take stock of your current lifestyle […]


Time to get away for that dream vacation Whether you are traveling to visit your family, relatives, friends, or for business, you need to plan your getaway carefully. First, you need to do research on the airlines, hotels, car rentals, etc. Best prices, discounts, who offers the best for your money. Next, book the getaway, […]


Long term health begins with a healthy body, a healthy mind, and, a right attitude. Planning for long term health is key to ensure you attain that perfect health. This page provides some guidance on what to look for in resources and what to do to implement your plan so that you age gracefully and healthy […]


When you are planning for retirement, it is a good idea to layout a process for investing, income generating, and monthly income deposited to your holding account. You need to have your money invested in such a way that monthly income is generated for you and your spouse. This income is automatically deposited into your brokerage […]