Adventure Travel

Trends in Adventure Travel

There is a new way of traveling that people are doing nowadays and it is called adventure travel. People can either travel in formal groups or on their own and the destination seems to be places in Europe, South America and Asia.

To someone who has not traveled extensively, adventure would a walking tour. To someone who travels frequently, an adventure would be rock climbing or climbing a mountain.  The list of destinations is endless and it is predicated on cost and accessibility.  People are asking for an experience that is unforgettable. Experiences that connect provide experience or connect us with nature.

The fact that 78 million baby boomers are now retiring and are willing to travel makes this industry a good place to find a job. Some retired people who are willing to work for a place to stay might find jobs at parks, trailer parks, etc. In exchange for working the jobs in the place, they can get room & board. Others can volunteer through a non-profit and get a place to stay, a job helping locals, and good satisfaction. These volunteer vacations are all on your dime and are not cheap. Others can work in the travel industry helping people find their dream vacation.

Finally, you can go on a safari and visit the local flora and fauna. It is a way to connect with nature and get to know the country. If cost is an issue, you can opt to drive your own way and find all the local spots on your own. I find that a way to go as there is a wealth of information on the web that allows you to find the cheapest motels, restaurants, and modes of transportation.

The key is to plan for adventure and get out the door.

Where are you traveling to??