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My birthday is today, January 14th  and I will be turning 60 years old this year. It seems like a milestone but it is not. I think for me 2013 was the defining year. I worked hard at losing weight, exercising, changing my daily habits to ensure I changed my way of life. I have been successful so far, 2014 and my 60th is the year when things will change a lot for the better. I will be striving for several goals that are the foundation to my third stage, retiring with all the other baby boomers – all 78 million of them.

I will continue to exercise daily, work on fundraising for my foundation, lose weight till I achieve my goal, travel to new places in the new year, hike new places that I have not done in 2013, and create a new way to help older veterans have a quality of life. I will continue some of the good habits of 2013 and achieve these new goals.

Like most Boomers, I find that to be successful, I need to continue to work, stay focused on the vital few and celebrate the small achievements everyday. I would like to advocate and volunteer in 2014. Ensuring that our senior population is able to have a quality of life. As Boomers continue to retire, opportunities will open up to help some of them get information, learn new skills, stay employed, connect with other seniors and give back to the community. My job will b e to be on the vanguard of that wave by providing a portal for services and advocacy.

I wish for a long life that is filled with good things and a lot of activities that allow me to stay healthy, travel a lot, do things I have not done so far and by staying busy and focused, the quality I seek will be a reality for me and the other people in my generation.

What will you do this year??