Book Covers

IMG_3547How important are book covers in getting you to read a book?I find that having sleek book covers are very important in getting me to read a book. It has to have a good description of the plot, the main characters, great pictures and good reviews. I believe that is the hook to get me to pick up, buy, borrow, and read a book.Book covers not only sell the book but also the writer, his other books, and the characters of the book. Imagine having blank front and back covers such as the hardbound books of the 20th century. You did not know what you were getting until you read the table of contents and the introduction. What they did was to include a jacket that listed the reviews, the author and the plot line including the main characters.Now that web houses sell books in both hard copy, audible,  and electronic formats, it is more important to have a place where the hooks for selling the books are included. Thus the cover has morphed to fit the medium of delivery but has not changed its main focus to sell the books. The more the books change, the more they stay the same.What do you think?