Boxing Day

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boxingBoxing Day traditionally falls on the day after Christmas and also known as St. Stephen’s day, it is a day for giving to the poor. It dates back to the middle ages and it is celebrated throughout the world as a day for giving. Some countries in Europe know it as Boxing Day (where servants and tradesmen received gifts from their employers). In Christian countries, it is known as St. Stephens’s day and it’s tied to offerings for the Feast of St Stephen’s. South Africa renamed it as a Day of Goodwill. 

It is a day for reflection, giving to the poor and also to recharge before going back to work. Other countries celebrate it as a day for shopping. Whatever the origin and how it is celebrated, it is a good day to look back and look forward and celebrate your good fortune.

In the Commonwealth countries, it is a day for visiting friends and relatives not seen in Christmas day, watching the soccer matches or going on the fox hunt. It is a national holiday traditionally observed.

Today, in the USA, it is not a national holiday but there are sales in the big shopping centers and it is a day to exchange gifts and look for bargains. Especially this year as retailers are looking for a big end to the year.

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