Making A Difference

How to make a difference in your community

IMG_3423Start by volunteering at the local public charities and nonprofits in your spare time. To make this a lifelong commitment, make a list of the things you like to do and the organizations that provide those services in your community. Once the list is finished, review and pick the top 2-3 things you like to do and start to plan. Read more

Immigration Problem

Immigration Problem

911Immigration is such a broad topic that more than one blog is needed to address it. Immigration and the reform of it are both a political and a social issue. Political because all the candidates, in both parties, are using it for their own purposes. It is a social issue because we have about 12-15M illegal aliens in this country & not a very good process to ensure we can deal with all of them in a rational way. Read more

New Job

Looking for a new job??

IMG_2615You need to use the web to find those specific new jobs that fit your criteria. You probably can find 1-3 new jobs a day and apply to each of them. It is key to look at all the criteria and make sure that you have a fit between what they need and what you can offer. Read more

Ready To Retire

Are you ready to retire?

Ready To RetireHave you made a plan & implemented it so that you can safely retire?? Most people either plan themselves or use a financial advisor to plan it for them. The focus is on financial advise but retirement is much more than that. You need to look at the key things you will be doing, need during retirement. After all your retirement can be a long one of about 30 years and you need to be ready and focused as you implement your plan.  Read more

Winter Project

Having a winter project to keep you busy

Now that its cold outside and we seem to be having a lot of snowstorms, it is good to have an indoors project to keep you busy during the winter months. You can pick a project such as building that bookcase you always wanted to or redecorate your study. Either way, while it is cold outside, you can be working on your project indoors where it is warm. Read more


Name five things in your pantry and what do they do

pantryMy pantry tends to have quite a few things that are needed to live on during the month. The five things I have in stock during my latest pantry check were: Sugar, flour, cans of vegetables (beans, corn, peas, soups), boxes of spaghetti and lasagna, and a box of candles. Read more

Business Opportunity


My formula for developing a new business opportunity is to pose the five W’s and see if there is market and a real opportunity that needs filling. My five W’s are simple: what, who, where, when, and how. Answer those five questions and you can find out whether that hobby or opportunity is something worth pursuing or not. Let’s take an example and see how it works.

I would like to provide a service advocating for the elderly. As the 79 million Baby Boomers start retiring, there will be a big time need for services to help them in a variety of ways. As a matter of fact, 10,000 boomers are retiring every day. That is a lot of people who are in need of the services I want to provide. That is a big target population. Obviously not all need help and some will not look for it, but some will and you are there to help them. You have a large captive audience that is growing and looking for your services. By providing those services you are helping them and advocating for them. Services can run from providing advice, links and looking at issues as they come up. You can provide information on services such as travel, housing, work, savings, income, legal issues, and retirement issues. A key to making a business successful is to find if there is a need not being fulfilled and a big captive market that is looking for it.

Starting now and for the next few years as boomers retire, you can advocate to help them find the services that they need, when they need them at the local level: things such as advice, services, links, advocacy, and how to get them, key issues and what to do about them. You can also publish a newsletter that talks about issues and points to services to help them.

How to reach your audience: Use a website to provide advice, resources & links, and publish a newsletter. Advocating and advising you need to do locally so you can interact with seniors. As your business grows, you can expand your area. This two-pronged strategy can help you focus on the needs while growing your business nationally. You need to use a website, advertising and social media to reach your customers. Flyers and word of mouth also helps in getting the word out.

Now that I have looked at the opportunity, is it something I want to do?? Yes, it is and looking at the size of the market, it is a good opportunity for making money while providing a service that people need. Now, the only thing needed is to plan and implement ASAP.

What is your opportunity??