Life Changes

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What changes do you need to make to your life to remain healthy in your 60’s & beyond??  Now that you’re older and probably finished with raising kids together with the requisite house in the suburbs, 2 cars, a dog, a cat and assorted pets, you need to stop and take stock of your current lifestyle situation.

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Off the Grid

IMG_3721[cryout-button-color url=”#” color=”#47AFFF”]Off the Grid Time | How much of the day are you plugged in? [/cryout-button-color]


I can easily say that my off the grid time is set for first thing in the morning. I follow a routine of hiking for the first two hours every morning. Read more

Favorite Hour

What is your favorite hour of the day? 

IMG_4920For me, the most favorite hour of the day is when I wake up. I like to go to my study, read the news, have a cup of coffee and enjoy the quiet solitude of the morning. Then, I change to my walking clothes & shoes and I go for a morning walk. I have been doing this for most of this year and I’m finding that an early morning exercise is good for the body and soul. Read more