Making A Difference

How to make a difference in your community

IMG_3423Start by volunteering at the local public charities and nonprofits in your spare time. To make this a lifelong commitment, make a list of the things you like to do and the organizations that provide those services in your community. Once the list is finished, review and pick the top 2-3 things you like to do and start to plan. Read more

Book Covers

IMG_3547How important are book covers in getting you to read a book?I find that having sleek book covers are very important in getting me to read a book. It has to have a good description of the plot, the main characters, great pictures and good reviews. I believe that is the hook to get me to pick up, buy, borrow, and read a book. Read more

New Job

Looking for a new job??

IMG_2615You need to use the web to find those specific new jobs that fit your criteria. You probably can find 1-3 new jobs a day and apply to each of them. It is key to look at all the criteria and make sure that you have a fit between what they need and what you can offer. Read more

Ready To Retire

Are you ready to retire?

Ready To RetireHave you made a plan & implemented it so that you can safely retire?? Most people either plan themselves or use a financial advisor to plan it for them. The focus is on financial advise but retirement is much more than that. You need to look at the key things you will be doing, need during retirement. After all your retirement can be a long one of about 30 years and you need to be ready and focused as you implement your plan.  Read more


Name five things in your pantry and what do they do

pantryMy pantry tends to have quite a few things that are needed to live on during the month. The five things I have in stock during my latest pantry check were: Sugar, flour, cans of vegetables (beans, corn, peas, soups), boxes of spaghetti and lasagna, and a box of candles. Read more

Favorite Beach

My Favorite Beach in the world

Looking back on my youth, I spent several years in the Galapagos Islands & one thing that stands out from that time is how beautiful the beaches were. One that stands out is the beach at Tortuga Bay. This beach was big, with dunes about 100 ft tall, a quiet inlet for swimming, heavy seas past the breaker and the water was a clear turquoise. There were a lot of indigenous animals such as red crabs, blue footed boobies, sea lions, sharks, manta rays, penguins,  turtles, etc. We also saw plenty of donkeys & goats, wild animals left by the settlers back in the 1700’s.

Read more


Picking up a hobby during retirement

When you’re planning for your retirement, it is essential that you pick a hobby to replace the time you’re giving up in your primary job. You’re used to working 40-60 hours a week and focused on your job. Once you retire, you have all that time and nothing to fill it. Retiring cold turkey is not a good idea, you need to prepare for it and plan replacing all those hours and that job focus into a new hobby or job during retirement. Read more


Ah, the joys of walking

I find that I enjoy walking for several reasons: daily exercise, fresh air, a time for thinking & planning, commune with nature, get to know my town, and lose weight. The walking bug hit me last year around June. I was overweight, looking for a way to lose it, nothing was working and I was beginning to get serious health issues. I decide one day to start walking early in the morning. At about 5 in the morning, I got dressed, got my sneakers, and went out the door. I have not looked back since. That was about 8 months ago and I have lost a lot of weight. But I find that the benefits to walking are even more dramatic. My health is getting better, I can breathe a lot easier, I can exercise longer, and getting around is better. Read more