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Sources of Income

If you are in the 99% of people who have not saved enough for retirement, you need to keep a part-time job during retirement. Most people need to keep engaged to remain young and healthy….

New Job

Looking for a new job?? You need to use the web to find those specific new jobs that fit your criteria. You probably can find 1-3 new jobs a day and apply to each of…

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Business Opportunity

My formula for developing a new business opportunity is to pose the five W’s and see if there is market and a real opportunity that needs filling. My five W’s are simple: what, who, where,…

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[cryout-button-dark url=”#”]Downsizing your home[/cryout-button-dark] Once your kids have grown and are independent and you have retired from business, it is time to find a smaller, more appropriate sized home for just you and your spouse.

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Traveling on a Budget When you retire, if the travel bug hits you, you can plan to travel to several places each year as the time and budget allows. A lot of people find that…

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[cryout-button-dark url=”#”]Managing Your Finances[/cryout-button-dark] Since I always liked numbers and I graduated with an MBA in Finance, I was always in charge of the finances in our household. I ensured all the bills were paid,…

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Own or Rent your Home

[cryout-button-dark url=”#”]Do you prefer to own or rent your home?[/cryout-button-dark] Own or rent, it usually means what you can afford. Can you afford the down payment and monthly payments for a house or do you…