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Brainard Marsh, Marion, MA

For me, retirement means been able to do the things I want to do. Activities such as: a part time job, pursuing a passion, picking-up a hobby, exercising, hiking/walking, spending time at the library, traveling to exotic locations, figuring what to do next, volunteering, and giving back to the community. Read more


Savings[cryout-button-dark url=”#”]Are you saving for the future?[/cryout-button-dark]


The reason I’m saving for the future is that when reach the stage when I cannot work anymore, I will be able to use the savings to provide an income for my wife and me during our golden years. Read more

Last Thing Championed

Tell us about the last thing you championed.

The last thing I championed was buying the latest iPhone5. I convinced my spouse to upgrade from the current iPhone 3GS to an iPhone 5C. She was reluctant to upgrade as she was happy with the current phone and did not want to spend the money, change things that were working and was willing to stay with the old technology. Read more

One Million Dollars

Q: If you found one million dollars in the morning and had to spend it by nightfall, what would you do with the money?
dreamstimefree_243655_thumb.jpgTo start, I would make a list of the people in my family, their situations financially and give them individual gifts to take care of their debt situation. I would ensure that some of them have enough savings to live on. Read more

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning
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If you are one of the current “Baby Boomers” living in the USA (79.6M according to the 2000 census) you are at some stage of your retirement years.  If you are like most people (75% of Americans) you have saved $30K or less for your retirement. This gives $1,200 a year in income at 4% return ($100/mo.). Not enough to pay for your food each month. Saving enough to live on after retirement requires hard savings while you are working during your adult years.  Read more