Making A Difference

How to make a difference in your community

IMG_3423Start by volunteering at the local public charities and nonprofits in your spare time. To make this a lifelong commitment, make a list of the things you like to do and the organizations that provide those services in your community. Once the list is finished, review and pick the top 2-3 things you like to do and start to plan.

On a piece of paper, list the amount of time you have, how you’d like to spend that time and the top 3 causes you would like to support. Also list what skills you will provide the cause. Once you have all that on paper, you can contact the organizations in question and ask them what they need, what you can offer and agree on a strategy to fulfill those needs.

Volunteering can be a very fulfilling endeavor and a way to give back to your community in ways that the community can benefit. By ensuring that you are doing what you like, the time you can afford and what skills you can give, you ensure that the partnership is a lasting one. Organizations can ill afford to have volunteers who are eager to help but burn out and quit after volunteering a few days. By having a fit, the partnership can be long term and you are both providing a needed resource and also getting satisfaction and a way to give back. A win/win.

What will you do?