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Finishing high school is a no-brainer. It is imperative that young people finish high school. Beyond that, they need to either attend college, community college or a trade school. What is key is to have a set of tools & skills that will enable them to earn a living in the marketplace today.

My advice is to never stop learning. With all the tools available today such as the internet, websites, distance learning, social media, and blogs, you can learn a lot about any subject, place, time period, or famous person, if you have the patience to access it and study it. Your access is easy, just join the local library and the world will unfold to you. No cost except the cost in time spent there and I would say, time well spent. 

Learning is a lifelong thing that enriches your life and that wisdom can be handed down to your kids and grandkids. The passion for learning takes many shapes whether it is technology, the web, libraries, books, etc. The key is to read and read a lot about the subjects that fascinate and beckon you. Learning also widens your horizons as you learn about other countries, towns, cultures, religions, history, etc. You learn to understand other people and know that despite differences, we are all the same.

So, my advice to young people is to finish school, get a set of tools and never stop learning as it will enrich your life forever.

What is your advice??