books3Tell us how you feel about endings.

As a writer, I can pick the ending that I want. The reader can opt to accept it or not. If you’re writing about something that happened, the ending is known to the writer but the reader has to anticipate it. If you’re enjoying a story line, you don’t want it to end; you keep on savoring each moment and the ending is a looming deadline in the future that you’d rather not face. If the story is boring, you can’t wait until the story is finished. It depends on your point of view how you feel about an ending. Endings allow us, the readers, to know how things turn out. A way to close the door and move to something else. I feel that the end is just a doorway to something new. So, you might say, there is no ending at all.

People tell us that it’s not about the outcome but the journey. How you feel about an ending depends on your point of view. Are you enjoying the journey, do you like to explore some of the details of the journey. Can you stop & savor each moment. Or, you can’t wait for the ending to appear so you know how things turned out and whether you were right about the ending.

Writing articles has been a great experience for me. Today, I can safely say that the journey has allowed me to see how easy is to write a little everyday and end up with a lot of posts by the end of the month. It is just the beginning for me as I plan on writing each day to continue honing my skills. So the end of November is just the beginning of another day and another story.

How do you feel about endings?