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Since I always liked numbers and I graduated with an MBA in Finance, I was always in charge of the finances in our household. I ensured all the bills were paid, balanced the checkbook, managed the savings, and invested for the future. My wife and I always discussed the options but agreed on a course of action which I then put into effect. 

For our investments, I always have done a due diligence to ensure the investments always fit our low risk profile and then set about investing and then managing those investments. I have not always made the right decisions to buy or sell but always invested for the long term. Our investments have been good for us over the long term and we have saved enough to ensure all big purchases such as a house, cars, education and helping our family have been done with carefully saved and invested money.

We studied the best way to save and pay off debt. We have been paying all debt to ensure that when retiremnt comes, we don’t have any big debt hanging over our heads. We have paid more than the monthly mortgage payment to shorten the life of our mortgage. We always believed that rather than paying the bank, we should pay cash whenever possible and if something is just too expensive, we rather not buy it.

Living within our means has been a motto in our household and our kids have been exposed to that philosophy. Hopefully as parents, we have passed on those genes to our kids and they will likewise practice that philosophy in their lives.If I were to encapsulate our investment management, it would be: Live within your means, save as much as you can for the future, pay down debt, and invest your savings for the long term. That has worked very well for us and has ensured that even in the bust years we still have enough money to ensure our family never lives without. That is the key to managing your investments.

How do you manage your finances??

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