First Name

If you had to switch your first name, what name would you choose and why?

© David Hartley

To me, the name represents strength, humility, survival and focus. The Apostle Saint John was a prime example of these qualities. One, the strength to survive all odds, to change the world, to defy the status quo. Next, the humility to be the number 2 guy and ensure that the cause runs smoothly, all things are taken care of, and the casue survives. Three, have the focus and perseverence to shepherd your cause through good times and bad, ensure everyone follows the cause and step in and be the leader and continue the journey when needed. Finally, believe in the cause so much that you ensure the survival at all costs including giving your life for it.

John also is a very favorite name so you are in good company. There are Johns, Seans, Juans, Shawns, etc. It is short, so you cannot shorten it anymore. A lot of very famous people have had John as a first name including several kings and several Popes such as John the 23rd and John Paul I & II. Of course there is the Apostle Saint John.

John represents that and more. I would be proud to choose it as my new first name. I also think it fits my personality as I am focused, tenacious and untimately a survivor. The name would fit me perfectly.

What would be your choice??