Fitness and Health

The connection between fitness and health and why it is important to a long life. It is a known fact that active people are healthy well into their later years and live a long life – sometimes over 120 years old. In civilizations where manual work is prevalent and practiced everyday, people live beyond one hundred years old. And, its a healthy, active, independent life that is the key to a long life. There are such regions in the world well known for longevity: Soviet Georgia, a region in Turkey, and high up in the Andes in Ecuador.  These are examples of fitness, hard work, active life, and healthy habits merging to lead to longevity.
And, its a healthy, active, independent life that is the key to a long life.


So, what’s the connection between exercise, fitness, and health that leads to a long life. My belief is these three variables are responsible for longevity, as long as, you take care of them. Exercise daily, eat healthy to stay fit, staying fit is really daily exercise and healthy eating. The outcome is a longer, healthy life. The examples I quoted above are from a documentary called “Green Winter” which my mother, Elda Hartley, my mother, made back in 1985. She was a firm believer in staying active to stay healthy. The people she chose to highlight were people who had a healthy diet, worked hard, and stayed active. Case in point, the older gentleman from the highlands of Ecuador is carrying alpaca wool in a container up a hill, washes the wool in a stream by hand, carries the wet wool back and hangs it to dry. After dyeing the wool, he spins it into wool thread; which he then spins into the ponchos that he sells for a living. He is 84 years old and does this routine everyday. That’s a daily grind for a young person, let alone an older one. People from his neck of the woods live to be over a 100 years old all the time.

Back to us, In the USA, especially in metropolitan areas and the suburbs, we are used to working 9-5 sitting at a desk, going home and watching TV after dinner. going to bed, and rising to another day of the same. This sedentary life and the diet associated with it is what makes most of us obese and unhealthy. To get healthy, we join gyms and exercise before or after work. The daily grind leaves us too tired to do much in physical work. Perhaps is it is time to rethink that daily life and change the routine to incorporate daily exercise and diet that leads to fitness.
Having a life of daily physical and mental exercise and a healthy diet, not only will prolong your life but, make it a healthy life. I know that having an office job and a sedentary life are the main contributors to an unhealthy life, but you can do something about that. Exercising before work, during your lunch break, and perhaps after work would go a long way to ensuring you achieve fitness and a healthy way of life. You need to make it a part of your life, not an afterthought.
Now that I’m retired, I seem to be busier than I was when working full time but I manage to fit in hiking in the morning and plenty of exercise around the yard to ensure my daily routine is healthy. Another key is keeping busy doing things you enjoy. I have time to meet friends at the local coffee shop, go for hikes, write stories for my blog, and do things with my granddaughter every day. Doing all those things, is keeping me young and healthy and hopefully lead to a long life.
What will you do to keep healthy??