Focusing on Retirement

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Focus on retirementI’m one of the 78 million Baby-Boomers who are coming into retirement in the next few years and I feel I need to plan my easing into retirement. My expectations are that my third stage in life will be as exciting as the last two have been.

However, I will not be retiring at age 60 or 70. I feel that retiring is just readjusting your life to fit your current situation and enjoy your days a lot more by doing different things with your time. Work at your passion a lot more, volunteer in the community, spend time with your family more, have more leisure time to do projects around the house, go explore the world, take a class, learn a new hobby, etc.

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Most advisors do not focus on this, just on the financial aspects of it. But it is key that you find a passion that replaces the work you’re leaving behind. Believe me, it is the largest hole to replace after working for 30-40 years in the business world. To plan & implement successfully you need to spend time looking at options such as volunteering, traveling, working on hobbies, starting a part-time job, so that you know what will replace your primary job once you retire. This will ensure that you’re not bored, once you make the leap.

For example, work part-time at something you like. A career you know you enjoy but have never tried before. I worked as a Financial Advisor for 3 years and found I didn’t like it. This was during the 2007-2008 financial crisis. Wrong time to do that, I was not good at it and I ended up frustrated. I’;m now working at fundraising and find that I like a lot, enjoy talking to people and networking n the service field. It is a lot more interesting and find that I enjoy it a lot more. I enjoy it so much that I probably work in this for the rest of my life.

Most people my age are finding that they work either by design or by necessity. They have survived this latest crisis and find themselves short of savings and need to work to survive. Either that or find that when they retire, they need to be doing something. Working part-time is one way, volunteering at a local charity is another way. Either way, it is  way t stay connected and ensure you are giving back to the community.

Your skills are needed out there, you just need to find the right vehicle to share them and stay focused on that job. Some of us find that we will stay working for a long time and we might as well find something we enjoy doing. The internet and social media has opened infinite doors on how to stay connected and how to make money to make ends meet. The only limit is your imagination. I have been thinking about how to give back to the community and I have narrowed the choices to 2-3 and pretty soon will be adding that goal to my list of things to do in 2014.

Just in time to close 2013 and bring in the new year. 2014 will be a brand new year to try new things and keep some things we like to do. Happy New year and happy retirement.

How do you feel about your retirement??