Life Changes

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What changes do you need to make to your life to remain healthy in your 60’s & beyond??  Now that you’re older and probably finished with raising kids together with the requisite house in the suburbs, 2 cars, a dog, a cat and assorted pets, you need to stop and take stock of your current lifestyle situation.

You probably worked for a F500 company, traveled a lot, worked long hours (10-12 everyday and sometimes weekends), attended a lot of meetings and was constantly on the road. If you are that person, you never had a way to slow down and smell the roses. Everyday was a routine of work commute, work, cabs, taxis, limos, planes and hotel rooms. During the weekends you were home, you dealt with the bills, chores in the garden and occasional date with your wife.

Now that your kids are grown and the mortgage is paid, you need to take stock of your life and make some simple changes to ensure you are ready for the next 50 years. Get off the couch, chair, desk, easy chair, bed, or other stationary position you’re in all day. You need to start a new lifestyle of exercising everyday (at least 1 hour). That exercise should be done slowly at first: walk, jog, lift weights, yoga, etc. Next, you need to eat less each meal, have smaller meals and nothing after 6pm. Change your eating habits to include fruits, vegetables and nuts. Having more smaller meals and maybe 4-5 time sper day of healthy foods, will help you lose weight and get healthier. The exercise will also help to burn calories, lose fat and lose weight. Use the exercise time to reflect on the day and to plan the future. You need to find a quiet time each day to plan the things you want to accomplish that day, week, month, and the future.

Accomplish this schedule each day, carve a time to accomplish that and incorporate that to your lifestyle. That should give enough energy to accomplish all the other things you want to do for the rest of your life. It will also ensure you life long enough to accomplish all the plans your dream about during your new lifestyle.

What are your plans??