Machu Picchu

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machu-picchuIf I were to pick one place to travel to, it would be Machu Picchu. I always wanted to go to Machu Picchu. It is located in Peru, high in the Andes above Cusco. It is one of the sacred sites of the Incas, probably the last one before their civilization disappeared under the rule of the Spanish back in the 16th century. The place is located high in the Andes mountain range, above Cusco in Peru.

The reason the place survived to this day is the remoteness of the citadel and how tight lipped the surviving Incas were with the Spanish back then. If you know your history, the last Inca King, Atahualpa, was imprisoned by the Spanish, promised to be let free if he paid a ransom of gold; which he paid but was executed anyway. The last of his warriors fled and apparently took whatever they could and hid in the mountains.

Machu Picchu was one of the last citadels of the Incas and a  and it is the ruins of a small city, high in the Andes, on top of a mountain. There is a river that flows in a far below valley, several thousand feet below the city. Access is very difficult but now can be done via a train that switches back & forth in its trajectory to the mountain or you can hike to the top as part of one of the hiking groups regularly scheduled.

Machu Picchu is a magical place that shows the remains of a great civilization that extended from Chile to Colombia. It was an Andean culture that developed cities, roads, water systems and a system of couriers to keep the empire connected. The conquering King married the local princess of the defeated tribes to cement the relationship. There are ruins all over the Andean countries (Peru, Chile, Ecuador, and Colombia) that document the extent of the Incan Empire. Machu Picchu is a fine example of the civilization because the remoteness has preserved the buildings so that travelers in this age can admire them.

There are people who swear that the place is magical and you can connect with God while there.

What is your top destination??