New Job

Looking for a new job??

IMG_2615You need to use the web to find those specific new jobs that fit your criteria. You probably can find 1-3 new jobs a day and apply to each of them. It is key to look at all the criteria and make sure that you have a fit between what they need and what you can offer. Key things to look for are: Education, degrees, experience, salary, benefits, culture, commuting, location, etc. Plan on using some of the job boards that fit what you are looking for. Some job boards have dated jobs so focus on the latest posted jobs and boards that fit your industry. If you need to, use 1 or two paid boards to get at jobs not posted in free boards. Make sure the board is worth the money being spent on it. Great leads sometimes come free.

Use all the social media to get connections to the company and the hiring manager. Using both Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allow you to see who do you know that knows someone within the company. having this connection ensures that you come to the table recommended. Be sure to alert your connections to a possible phone call asking for references. If possible, reach out to the hiring manager and discuss how your skills fit the requirements of the job. Use your network to get an introduction to the hiring manager.  if you want to get hired there’s one surefire way to do it — prove to them that you provide the greatest value for the job. Ask the right questions and make sure they know how your skills fit in to the new job.

Be sure to send your latest resume and a cover letter that is specific to the company and the job being advertised. Having that fit right away ensures that your resume will be reviewed and your candidacy will be considered. Networking is key to ensuring doors are opened at the company you are applying to. Once you have an interview and are called back for a second interview, your chances are greatly improved that you will be given the job. Be sure to send thank you notes to all the interviewers. That means getting their business cards at the interview and ensuring you have their emails and addresses to send a thank you card to. Make notes of the interview right away and mention something from the interview in your thank you note.

If you can do this for all the jobs you apply to, you are assured that one of them will offer you a job that you will be happy at and can make a difference for a long time to come.