New Year Resolutions

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New Year ResolutionsThinking about my new year’s resolutions got me to really take a look at myself, what I have achieved during 2013 and what my life so far and see what I want to do in this new year. The reason new year’s resolutions are soon forgotten or not started at all is that we make a lot of promises that we are not willing or able to keep. I want to make my resolutions stick and I want to achieve all of them. If I can move them all forward a little bit, I will have achieved what I want to do during 2014.


[cryout-multi][cryout-column width=”1/4″]I want to make my resolutions stick and I want to achieve all of them. If I can move them all forward a little bit, I will have achieved what I want to do during 2014.[/cryout-column][cryout-column width=”1/2″][/cryout-column] [cryout-column width=”1/4″][/cryout-column] [/cryout-multi]

2014 New Year Resolutions: So, in the spirit of the new year, I decided to take a look at myself and see what I’m already doing and what I want to really do in 2014. With that in mind,  here are my resolutions:



  • Continue to lose weight. I have already started this in 2013 and have accomplished a great deal – 50% of my goal is already achieved but more importantly, I have changed my way of life to achieve this goal. What do I mean by that, you ask? I exercise regularly for one, I eat less, have more energy, can achieve my daily goals and I have more focus than I did before. For 2014, the other 50% is my goal. Get to my desired weight and finally cement my new way of life by exercising daily, focusing on the vital few, accomplishing more,  and eating less. This will ensure I achieve the goal and more importantly that I ingrain  a new way of life into my daily routine. A routine designed to ensure I stay healthy for the rest of my life.
  • Do my job more efficiently. I like what I do and I plan on doing more of it in 2014. I have already started by finding new ways of raising money for my non-profit and will continue to do so in 2014. I want to accomplish a lot more during 2014. I want to ensure my non-profit and my job stay in business forever.
  • Make sure I take more time to spend with my wife and my kids. I have done a better job of this last year, I plan to kick it up a notch in 2014. Especially time with my wife.
  • Visit 52 new places in 2014. This is something I really like and will do it very happily. It also dovetails with writing and taking pictures for my blog as well as my resolution to travel some more for 2014. So, three resolutions in one.
  • Write more in 2014. I’m already writing more for my blog so I will continue that new habit. Also, I will start writing that book on Galapagos I wanted to do for so long. Perhaps I can write short stories as well. The key is to keep writing everyday.
  • Finally, do something with my Go-Boomers idea. I have the website, the blog, the social media. Now, I need to bring it all together in a business for helping seniors in achieving their goal of retiring happily.  I will find that advocating for the seniors will allow me to do something I’m good at, love to do and give back to the community. The vehicle is not as important as doing something positive and paying it forward.
  • I guess each of the resolutions for 2014 are achievable if I can do a little bit of them everyday. I have taken to heart the philosophy of moving your rock a little bit each day. Goals are achieved on an incremental basis. My weight loss is proof of that, I have lost in six months what I gained during six years and I did it by walking everyday no matter what. I plan on doing a little bit of each of my resolutions everyday during 2014.

That in a nutshell is my list of New Year resolutions for 2014. I hope that I can achieve at least 50% of them but hopefully I thought about them enough to make sure they are already in my grain and can be achieved.

Happy New Year and what about you??