Name five things in your pantry and what do they do

pantryMy pantry tends to have quite a few things that are needed to live on during the month. The five things I have in stock during my latest pantry check were: Sugar, flour, cans of vegetables (beans, corn, peas, soups), boxes of spaghetti and lasagna, and a box of candles. This might seem an exercise in futility, listing all these provisions in my larder, but I find that doing this will enable me to plan better for the future in case of need. Were we to have a crisis and no way to buy stuff on a regular basis, having these items is key to surviving for a long time without additional supplies. The key to having enough of these staple items is key to being ready for anything that the future might throw at you.

Let’s start with sugar. It is a staple food item which is used in a lot things that you eat everyday. Having sugar allows us to be able to sweeten coffee, tea, use it in several recipes that call for sugar such as cookies, pies, and pastry. and in case of guests, sugar for their beverages. You never know who might drop in to visit.

Next, flour is another staple item to have. You can make bread, Irish soda bread, scones, pies, pancakes, etc. If you only have flour, you could make pancakes and pies easily from scratch using flour. Flour and sugar can be used to make a meal by themselves or add them to local things such as roots, berries, leaves, etc. That is the key to a staple food, what you can do with it. Flour is one of those key staples.

Next, canned vegetables such as beans, peas, corn, soups, etc. You can add canned vegetables to fresh meat to make a stew, soup, chili, etc. Second, you can eat them by themselves and make an excellent source of protein. Lack of meat should not be an issue if you have beans. Since the vegetables are canned, they can last for a long time, if need be. They can be stored anyplace and cannot be contaminated. Just pack a can opener and you are ready for the unexpected.

Next is the different kinds of pasta (spaghetti, lasagna, angel hair, macaroni. These can be stored for a long time and all they need is to be boiled for 10 minutes over an open flame and you have fresh pasta. By having several varieties of pasta, you can ensure everyone in the family is happy. You can also add meat sauce, cream sauce, vodka sauce, sausage bits and make a meal of it. My wife actually makes lasagna from scratch and therefore we have lots of lasagna boxes.

Finally, boxes of candles. These are essential to have in case of blackout. You can easily light up your house and keep things up with a candle or two. In an emergency, they are essential. They can also make for romantic mood or just to illuminate softly when you want low lights in the house.

To recap. These are my five key items in the pantry. There are a lot more staples and another person would pick different items but for me these are it.

How stocked is your pantry??