Regulating our Lives

It seems nowadays that the government has gone regulation mad. I read the case of thebooks1 child that was stopped from eating her healthy sandwich lunch a while back. The school thought that giving her chicken nuggets was far healthier than eating a turkey & cheese sandwich.

Embarrassed the kid in front of her friends, gave her a less healthy lunch & billed the Mother for it. It is just one example of a government gone mad. It tells you what you can eat, drink, smoke, vote, do with your bodies, etc. Just about every facet of our lives is regulated. This is not what our founding fathers wanted. They were getting away from another government (British) telling them what to do, what to believe in, what to think. 250 years later, we have created another monster that is slowly choking the life out of us. Is this what we want??

Seems like not long ago that we were able to survive pretty much on our own. We had a country that was growing, a country that allowed us to pursue our dreams. Our parents were either first generation Americans or immigrants, they worked hard to ensure we would have it easier. Education & hard work paid off, the American dream. People all over the world had a dream to come to America, the streets paved with gold. They came, worked hard, saved money, started a business, grew the business, had a family and passed on the American dream.

Then, slowly came the regulations to save us from bad evil. Some things need regulation such as drugs, guns, immigration but the rest should be left up to us. We need to take responsibility and teach our kids responsibility. It is the job of each of us to do the right thing and teach our kids to do the right thing. If everyone did that, we don’t need the government intruding in our lives. Bigger government means a bigger bill for us to pay. Considering that we have a big debt to pay, we don’t need more, we need less.

I long for the day that we elect officials who will be serious about changing Washington for the better. Do away with all regulations, dismantle all useless departments and build a leaner government that protects its people. I certainly think that day is coming. Enough of us feel the need to take back our destiny; the government is not there to regulate us, it is there to help us. It will take a long time to change things to the way it should be. It will be painful, it will be costly. But, at the end, we will have saved America from slowly becoming another lost civilization. This country needs our help and each and every one of us needs to help. Together, we can make America proud again. A country that everyone longs to live in.