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Brainard Marsh, Marion, MA

For me, retirement means been able to do the things I want to do. Activities such as: a part time job, pursuing a passion, picking-up a hobby, exercising, hiking/walking, spending time at the library, traveling to exotic locations, figuring what to do next, volunteering, and giving back to the community. When you read the news and what Baby Boomers are doing now days, they are not retiring, they are changing their lifestyle and picking the next best thing they want do. Some people continue working out of necessity, some work to keep busy or because they love what they do. Some find retirement too boring and go back to work for the activities and social life. Whatever the reason, retirement is not sitting around passively, it’s doing the things you want to do.

I look at what what my parents did. They never retired, they just changed careers to something they always wanted to do. My parents always worked as filmmakers. They produced commercials and travelogues while they were young and middle aged, changed to educational films as they got older and finally produced documentaries as they got even older. It helped that my parents were educated and curious and well enough off to afford to do that.

I am a Baby Boomer and I have inherited that yearning to find a passion and always do something from my parents. They also instilled a passion for exploring other countries, cultures, religions and always stay involved.  I have always wanted to do something with law and I created a website for young lawyers called Best Future Lawyers. Best Future Lawyers is a portal for law students & lawyers that provides focus on law schools, courts system & legal issues. I have focused on Baby Boomers as well and created a website called Go-boomers. Go-Boomers is a portal with links & resources to help you have fun in your third stage of life: Enjoying retirement life. I continue to pursue ways to stay involved in the community. I think that my new venture will be to advocate for and help older Americans. I want to help and involve myself in giving back to the community and what better way than using my skills to create something that is needed.

That is a roundabout way of answering the question: when to retire. While I’m able to work and contribute, I will continue to find ways to contribute whether for money or volunteering. Why, because our work on this earth is to always continue growing and give back to the community. To help others in need. And, when I’m too old to work, I will always stay connected by working part time and volunteering in the community.

What about you??