A Road Vacation

© David P Hartley

If you like to drive and want to see America, you can pick any  scenic road and spend some  time admiring this great country of ours. To help you in your travels, we have compiled a set of tips for spending less while traveling and getting to know this great country of ours up close. 

  • Plan your trip before hand and places to see, stay and eat. Map out the road, check prices and things to do.
  • Use a backpack to carry your things, minimizes need for space in car and easy to carry while walking/hiking.
  • Buy a pass to Federal parks: $80 for a full year pass ($10 for seniors). You save money if you plan on visiting more than one park during the year.
  • Book online for discounts, price checks and hotels and places to stay.
  • Check tire pressure, oil and fluids before a trip. Saves gas mileage and saves your car
  • Check out gas prices on the road. Avoid metro areas as they tend to be more expensive
  • Ask about discounts at hotels/motels and check for them at travel centers
  • Check for free local things to see and do.
  • Ask locals for places to stay, eat, visit and do while in town.
  • With a smart phone, you can use free road apps to help plan and navigate road trip
    • Apps such as hotels.com, google maps, gas buddy, yelp, tripit, weather.com, rangepark finder, waze, etc will help you navigate the road.
  • Shop at grocery store for things to eat and drink on the road.
  • Take snacks, veggies and drinks for the road; picnic for lunch and dinner on the road so that you minimize the expense of restaurants.
  • Carry a water bottle for refilling on the road at restaurants and parks
  • Don’t forget to take your camera. Take lots of pictures for memories of places visited. You can create scrapbook of the vacation after you get home.

Now that you are on the road, enjoy it. You have accomplished a vacation for less and explored this beautiful country of ours on the road.