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My hometown is very spread out and you really need a mode of transportation to reach the ends of town. It seems to me that everyone drives their car every place: commuting, kids to school, around town, errands, etc. The focus is on independence and driving your own vehicle. This is really an American way of life, a rite of passage; when you become sixteen, you get your driver’s license and expect to drive. Changing that driving mentality will be a tall order. The posted speed limit for cars is usually 25 miles per hour and sometimes 30 mph. If the speed limit is not posted, 25 mph is the default. However, cars do travel at 40-50 mph, way above the limit. Some drivers are encroaching into the bike lanes as they drive fast and worse, use cellphones while driving. To really encourage  people to use other modes of transportation such as bikes, walking or buses, we need to slow down cars and provide other modes of transportation.

To really encourage people not to use their cars we need to focus on providing other modes of transportation that are just as easy as getting in your car and driving places. Public transportation, biking, walking, commuter sharing are just a few examples.

My solution to slow the traffic down is to create more stop signs and traffic lights in busy streets. More speed bumps around schools, libraries, and residential neighborhoods. Perhaps circles also offer a way to slow down traffic. Closing downtown streets to traffic for certain hours is another solution. Police officers should write more tickets to people who break the law, either by speeding, not obeying posted signs or using their cellphones. Periodic checks for safety and DUI’s, especially around Christmas, makes perfect sense.

The other solution is to provide alternate forms of transportation. People have limited time and need to get somewhere at appointed times. We need to work on getting a public transportation solution that enables people to get places on a regular basis. Electric buses is one, perhaps micro-buses or vans is another. Having bus stop hubs in residential areas will help. Providing sidewalks and bike lanes that are safe is another solution.

If we don’t do address the lack of other modes of transportation, people will continue to use cars for commuting, around town driving, and do to local errands. and, the problem of  congestion and speed will continue unabated.

What is your opinion??