Traveling on a Budget

TravelingWhen you retire, if the travel bug hits you, you can plan to travel to several places each year as the time and budget allows. A lot of people find that they don’t have the time or money to travel to exotic places such as cruises or far-flung exotic destinations.The best way to travel is it start small and plan several yearly trips around the country. Some daily or weekend trips can cost very little if you plan them well and research things ahead of time. Book motels in advance, make sure to use aggregation websites such as or  to get the best prices in fares, hotels, and car rentals. Use other websites for finding information and booking hotels, restaurants, places to see, etc.I found that staying with someone you know and planning daily trips cuts down on expenses while allowing you to find those out of the way destinations you might overlook.I spent sometime last spring in Virginia and visited most of the state while visiting my son at grad school. The trip accomplished two things, I spent time with my son and I visited a lot of out of the way places in Mid Virginia & West Virginia. I was able to drive each day to a different part of the state and find places I had not seen before. Sometimes I would just find a road and follow it to whichever little town it led. This way, I found little towns I didn’t know existed and stopped at little stores, diners, strip malls, churches, campgrounds, lakes, hiking trails, and dirt roads I would never have done in a million years. In 2012, I visited my daughter in Rhode Island and did the same thing. I spent day traveling through the state and actually saw most of the little towns in the state during my time there. I took a lot of pictures and documented my travels so that I have a pretty good idea of what the state looks like from the ground. Plan on visiting some out of the way places in your state as well and get some well deserved time off and get to know your state at the same time.By planning two-three trips a year and staying with someone you know, you get to travel and visit a lot of places on a small budget. This way of vacationing allows you to visit friends and family and also have the vacation you want. For ideas on destinations, do your homework online and get the lay of the land. Study maps, towns, roads to take, places to stay, restaurants and things to do which enable you to plan ahead and know what you’re going to do while on vacation.I find this type of traveling to be satisfying while costing a lot less than going for an expensive overseas vacation. Plus, the America you get to see this way is vastly different to the America you see in big city destinations. I plan to do some more America sightseeing this year on a string budget.What will you do this year??