Winter Project

Having a winter project to keep you busy

Now that its cold outside and we seem to be having a lot of snowstorms, it is good to have an indoors project to keep you busy during the winter months. You can pick a project such as building that bookcase you always wanted to or redecorate your study. Either way, while it is cold outside, you can be working on your project indoors where it is warm.

My wife and I elected to refinish the floors in the family room and the dining room. When we started, we thought that things would proceed rather quickly but that was not the case. For the dining room, It took us 5 days to sand down the floor, another 3 days to clean up, 3 days to give it 3 coats of stain and another 3 days for the finishing polyurethane coats. Finally 1 week to ensure it all was dry before putting back all the furniture. 2 weeks to do one big room. What took the most time was sanding the floor to the bare wood, carefully checking that all slats were sanded and ensuring all traces of the old stain were gone was painstaking. We have oak floors and the wood grain looks great with the new stain. Vacuuming and cleaning the room took a long time as the dust got into everything. Even though we had removed all furniture and covered all doors, still the dust got into the floors, the  walls, windows and we had to make everything was cleaned, washed and vacuumed before it was put back into place. We also were able to dispose of all old things we no longer wanted and the catharsis of cleaning also is good.

Considering the floors were beginning to look old and worn out, having a new stain and the hard, satin finish of polyurethane makes all the difference. It’s like we have a new oak flooring. The finish was done with a great attention to detail so it will be new for a lot of years to come. Having new refinished floors has given the rooms a new life and they look like new rooms. Doing all the work ourselves not only gave us a project, it also saved us a lot of money.

The best part is that the cost for the supplies was about 200 dollars for each room. The labor was provided by us and it came free. People marvel over the new finish and are amazed that we did it ourselves. With a little knowledge and lots of hard work, it can be done by anyone who wants to do it. You will save lots of money and then you have the satisfaction of a job well done.

What winter project will you take on??