Immigration Problem

First, the political issue. All the GOP candidates are posturing on how they are going to take care of the problem. I would challenge all of them to come up with viable solutions to the problem to ensure we fix the problem nationally & stop the states from implementing their own process which can be myopic & does not fix the overall problem in the US.

Second, the social problem. To ensure we deal with the problem, we must start by having a good plan. We need to: one, close the border. Two, register all illegals in the country based on a quota process. Three, ensure all of them get a green card, working papers & register them. Four, get all of them on a path to Citizen. Five, fix the immigration quotas so people who can contribute to the US do not wait for years for their H-1B visa.

The border situation is a bad one and needs special attention. People talk about building a wall across Texas thru California to keep illegals out. Such wall will take a long time to build & is not realistic. We have a military that can build bases in 2 days in the middle of nowhere. Have all our young people serve in the military for 2 years and have them build bases & patrol the north & south border for us. We can have a lot of soldiers in the border, stop illegals, drugs, guns, etc & provide jobs to young people at the same time. By all means, have a wall around cities on the border but troops in the open spaces.

We like having new blood in our culture, as long as they have come to this country legally like everyone else. this country is great because it has been a beacon to all people. People come, work hard, educate their kids & you can achieve the American Dream. This dream can be a reality in this country because our founding fathers ensure we had a great constitution that protected all of us.

What we need to do is to ensure our politicians deliver on the promise to fix the immigration problem. Ignoring does not make it go away. Giving amnesty to illegals only make it go away for a little while. As President Reagan’s reform did. The problem came back. As long as other countries do not provide the opportunity that this great country has to offer, we will have people who come by any means. Closing the border, enforcing it & providing a safe path to citizenship will ensure that future generations can enjoy the same great country we enjoy.

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