Time to get away for that dream vacation

Whether you are traveling to visit your family, relatives, friends, or for business, you need to plan your getaway carefully.


      • First, you need to do research on the airlines, hotels, car rentals, etc. Best prices, discounts, who offers the best for your money.

      • Next, book the getaway, plan your wardrobe, how to get to the airport, buy needed things, pack your passport, credit cards, money.

      • Finally, you need make arrangements for your home, pets Finally, the day arrives and you need to, have everything ready, packed and everyone ready to go.

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    Blogging on travel


        • Adventure travel — There is a new way of traveling that people are doing nowadays and it is called adventure travel. People can either travel in formal groups or on their own and the destination seems to be places in Europe, South America and Asia.

        • Traveling on a budget — When you retire, if the travel bug hits you, you can plan to travel to several places each year as the time and budget allows. A lot of people find that they don’t have the time or money to travel to exotic places such as cruises or far-flung exotic destinations.

        • Machu Picchu is a Special Place — If I were to pick one place to travel to, it would be Machu Picchu. I always wanted to go to Machu Picchu. It is located in Peru, high in the Andes above Cusco. It is one of the sacred sites of the Incas, probably the last one before their civilization disappeared under the rule of the Spanish back in the 16th century. The place is located high in the Andes mountain range, above Cusco in Peru.

        • A Road Vacation — If you like to drive and want to see America, you can pick any  scenic road and spend some time admiring this great country of ours. To help you in your travels, we have compiled a set of tips for spending less while traveling and getting to know this great country of ours up close. 

      Travel Research / Booking  sites


          • TravelWire.com – All Inclusive Vacations, Discount Travel Deals, Resorts and Vacation Packages.

          • KAYAK – Cheap Flights, Hotels, Airline Tickets, Cheap Tickets, Cheap Travel Deals – Compare Hundreds of Travel Sites At Once.

          • Priceline.com – The Best Deals on Hotels, Flights and Rental Cars.

        Travel Tips


            • Traveling this Holiday? Bring These Money-Saving Tips | Fox Business – Kendra Thornton, owner of Chicago’s Thornton Public Relations and a travel expert, has some bad news:“Everything in travel is more expensive over the holidays,” she says. “Flights are more expensive. Road trips take longer due to congestion. And hotels charge more during peak periods.”

            • Skip the Lines: Expedited Security and Immigration Programs — Whatever the purpose, immigration lines at airports (and border crossings) and security lines at airports  generally share one characteristic: You stand in line anywhere from minutes to hours for a face-to-face transaction that takes no more than a minute or two…

            • Traveling on a budget – Go-Boomers blog – When you retire, if the travel bug hits you, you can plan to travel to several places each year as the time and budget allows….

          Modes of travel


              • Get Adventurous: Adventure Travel Is Booming | A new survey finds a stunning 65% yearly growth rate for adventure travel from 2009 to 2012. Travel agents should be selling this segment, says an exec for the ATTA, which has opened its membership to agents.



                • Selecting The Right Cruise Line And Cruise For You | Cruises-N-More recently launched in-depth definitions for many of the popular cruise lines. “Many of our clients ask us which is the right cruise for them or their families” says Tiffany Neidhardt, owner and vice president of Cruises-N-More.

              Exotic Destinations


                  • Who but Condé Nast Traveler readers would have heard of, let alone traveled to, Bozcaada or Knysna? They’re winners this year, and that is only part of what makes these Readers’ Choice Awards so exceptional.

                  • Sweating Out A Midlife Crunch – HERRADURA BEACH – Sweat pours down my face and my biceps tense as I pull back on the pole and reel the line in quickly. “You can do it!” yells Captain Daniel from the deck above, but my arms grow tired…

                  • River Cruise Lines Go for the Exotic — River cruise lines are expanding far beyond Europe to tap into the exotic travel market. Southeast Asia is a veritable second home for river cruising. Lines have also introduced programs in Africa and South Ameri

                  • A Poetic Pilgrimage To The Southwestern Coast Of Wales | If Wales is known for one thing, it is for its production of artists. Actors Richard Burton, Anthony Hopkins and Michael Sheehan all hailed from the South West Coast of Wales, almost within walking distance of one another’s birthplaces in the seaside town of Swansea, a two-hour train ride from London. No artist, however, commands a deeper place in a Walesian’s heart than poet and writer, Dylan Thomas.